2021-2022 Hunnies



Birthday?  September 28th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Asheville, NC

Favorite Color?  Pink

Favorite Food?  Chocolate

Dance/Cheer Experience? I started dancing when I was 2. I have done several formats of dance including ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop, Irish dance, bachata, salsa and Brazilian samba. I also dance with Equipe Faisca team for North Carolina Brazilian Arts Project. Cheer for 1year.

Favorite Quote?  "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step"

Pet Peeve?  Things out of place

Favorite Song?  Bad Habits Ed Sherin

Proudest Moment?  Making this team!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? There is nothing like game day!

typorama 9.PNG
Gown Shoot



Birthday? August 13th 

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Corona, CA

Favorite Color?  Lavender

Favorite Food?  Chicken Alfredo

Dance/Cheer Experience? I've done cheer for 8 years sideline, all star, stunt, and collegiate.

Favorite Quote?  "Trust that everything will fall into it's place without you forcing it there."

Nickname?  Bubbles

Pet Peeve?  Giving up easily instead of trying.

Favorite Song? Back to Black Amy Winehouse

Proudest Moment? Winning CIF ring in CA my senior year for cheer and Nationals in Vegas!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? The calendar shoot! Everyone looked gorgeous and it was fun!

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Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  October 16th

Years As A Hunnie?  3

Hometown?  Ft. Walton, FL

Favorite Color?  Blue

Favorite Food?  Pizza

Dance/Cheer Experience?  I competed for 6+ years with Cheer Dynamic Allstars, cheered all years of Middle School and High School, cheered for a year at Campbell University, coached for a year at Highland Middle School, and for the past 7 years I have lead cheer camp for REAL Sports at Highland Middle. This camp is hosted by The Lake Community Church.

Favorite Quote? "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14

Nickname?  Brit or Skip

Pet Peeve?  Hearing people chew or smack.

Favorite Song?  All songs by Morgan Wallen : )

Proudest Moment?  When I gave my life to Christ.

Favorite Hunnies Memory?

My favorite memory was the first time I performed on ice at the Marksmen game. There is nothing like that first time feeling and the jitters that come with every performance!

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Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  September 18th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  4

Hometown?  Fayetteville, NC

Favorite Color?  White

Favorite Food?  Street Tacos

Dance/Cheer Experience? 

17 years of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip hop).

6 years of Elementary, Middle, and High School cheer.

4 years professional cheer.

Favorite Quote?  "God doesn't give the hardest battles to His toughest soldiers, He creates the toughest soldiers out of life's hardest battles"

Nickname?  Cat

Pet Peeve?  Children with no manners

Favorite Song?  Tennessee Whiskey Chris Stapleton

Proudest Moment?  Graduating College

Favorite Hunnies Memory? All of our first Game Day home openers!

Gown Shoot
Gown Shoot



Birthday? August 9th 

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown? Chicago, IL raised in Dallas, TX 

Favorite Color? Pink 

Favorite Food? Anything Filipino 

Dance/Cheer Experience? Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue (2017-2018) & Texas Revolution Dancers (2016-2017)

Favorite Quote?  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Nickname?  Cher

Pet Peeve? Cellphones at the table/restaurant.

Favorite Song? Justin Bieber- Purpose

Proudest Moment? Being a Mom/Wife and obtaining my Bachelor's in Accounting and graduating Magma Cum Laude

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Auditions! The excitement build up and the people auditioning!

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Gown Shoot_edited_edited.jpg





Birthday?  March 16th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  5

Hometown?  Kingston, Oklahoma

Favorite Color?  Green

Favorite Food?  Ice Cream

Dance/Cheer Experience?  I took jazz and tap when I was younger, cheered and competition cheer throughout school, and professional dance/cheer my adult life for the last 9 years.

Favorite Quote?  If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.

Nickname?  Face

Pet Peeve?  Complaining with no resolution, or purpose.

Favorite Song? How Does It Feel? Sydny August

Proudest Moment?  Becoming a Mom (3 times).

Favorite Hunnies Memory?

That feeling when you step onto the ice/field with your squad, ready to perform.




Birthday?  April 20th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Jersey City, NJ

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Food?  Grilled Chicken Breast

Dance/Cheer Experience?  High School dance team, UNC Pembroke dance team and steps on stage dance studio 3 years.

Favorite Quote?  "Keep striving, for God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors" -Habeeb Akande

Nickname?  Deyonce

Pet Peeve?  Repeating myself

Favorite Song? U Move, I Move by John Legend feat. Jhene Aiko

Proudest Moment?  Receiving my M.A.T. in secondary Science

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Being on the field and dancing for the Cobras!




Birthday?  July 30th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Edison, NJ

Favorite Color? Purple, Pink and Blue

Favorite Food?  Sushi

Dance/Cheer Experience?  Cheerleading 16 years and Dance 2

Favorite Quote?  "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

Nickname?  Dez

Pet Peeve?  Talking during a movie

Favorite Song? Back to Friends by Lauren Spencer-Smith

Proudest Moment?  Winning NCA as a 1st year Junior Level 5 Team.

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Game Days!!!

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  April 25th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Myrtle Beach, SC

Favorite Color?  Black

Favorite Food?  Chicken Wings

Dance/Cheer Experience? 

Dance for 26 years

Cheer for 6 years

Favorite Quote?  "I'm living in the moment til God push the button" Kid Cudi

Nickname?  Bat

Pet Peeve?  When people walk slow. Unless it's old people, they can't help that.

Favorite Song?  Facts by Young Dolph

Proudest Moment?  Becoming a mother is a given, but outside of that is going back to college. I'm proud of myself, despite everything, to put myself back in college!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Performing the first game! It's a moment I'll never forget. I don't think anything will top that.

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday? December 18th 

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Hope Mills, NC

Favorite Color?  Baby Blue

Favorite Food?  Chipotle

Dance/Cheer Experience? Dance and Cheer since 3 years old!

Favorite Quote?  You are not missing out on anything when you are busy working on your goals and dreams. Stay focused!

Nickname?  Alexis

Pet Peeve? Having plans and someone canceling last minute.

Favorite Song? Maneater Nelly Furtado

Proudest Moment? I passed my training course in Florida to work on yachts!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Making the team and meeting all the girls!

typorama 2.PNG



Birthday?  March 13th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Flint, Michigan

Favorite Color?  Pink

Favorite Food?  All things Seafood

Dance/Cheer Experience? I have 23 years of dance training in tap, jazz, and classical ballet.

Favorite Quote?  "Never argue with a fool, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Nickname?  Nye

Pet Peeve? Dirty fingernails

Favorite Song? One of Those Nights Juicy J

Proudest Moment? Graduating from NC A&T! Aggie Pride!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Our swimsuit calendar shoot!

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  August 12th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  5

Hometown?  Durham, NC

Favorite Color?  Pink

Favorite Food?  Popcorn

Dance/Cheer Experience?  I’ve danced and cheered all throughout middle and high school. I cheered at Greensboro College and danced 7 years with Eclipse Productions, a competitive dance team.

Favorite Quote?  Forget what was, accept what is, and have faith in what will be!

Nickname? Trina

Pet Peeve?  Dishonest people

Favorite Song?  Can't Give Up Now, Mary Mary

Proudest Moment? My proudest moments are; becoming a wife, a mother (twice), and getting my masters degree.

Favorite Hunnies Memory?  My favorite Hunnies memory is game days. That feeling of performing and interacting with fans is like no other.

typorama 8.PNG
Gown Shoot with Tony Jones

Kayla C


Birthday?  December 4th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Worcester, MA

Favorite Color?  Teal

Favorite Food?  Chicken Parmigiana

Dance/Cheer Experience? I have been dancing since I was 2 and I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Dance!

Favorite Quote?  "If you are trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be" Maya Angelou

Nickname?  Kay

Pet Peeve? Stuck behind a slow walker!

Favorite Song? Drops of Jupiter Train

Proudest Moment? Completing my graduate school program and earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Having our first performance as a team! I cannot wait to dance in front of the fans!

typorama 5.PNG

Kayla F.


Birthday?  March 1st

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Fayetteville, NC

Favorite Color? Cheetah

Favorite Food?  Cookie Two-Step ice cream

Dance/Cheer Experience?  

Pop Warner, Middle/High School, College Cheerleading

2014 Canam D3 Cheerleading National Champion team member.

Color Guard

Musical Theatre

Favorite Quote?  Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

Nickname?  Kay

Pet Peeve?  Complaining

Favorite Song? Santeria -Sublime

Proudest Moment?  Being the youngest person selected for the Fayetteville 40 under 40 2021 Class

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Hanging out in the locker room before football games!

typorama 10.PNG
Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  March 1st

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Bowie, Maryland

Favorite Color?  Blue

Favorite Food?  Waffles

Dance/Cheer Experience? Semi-Pro: San Diego Guardian Angels (SD Guardians, ABA): Pro Team: Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders (Baltimore Blast, MASL); Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Finalist for 2019 and 2020

Favorite Quote? Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get. -Forest Gump 

Nickname?  KB

Pet Peeve? Poor Grammar

Favorite Song? In The Mood -Glen Miller

Proudest Moment? Building and buying my first house!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Being new to the team, I'm making new memories with new friends : )




Birthday? May 12th 

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Danville, VA

Favorite Color?  Orange

Favorite Food?  Baked Mac & Cheese

Dance/Cheer Experience? 4 years of cheer and 21 years of dance!

Favorite Quote?  "The most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." _Mark Twain

Nickname?  Lo

Pet Peeve?  Inconsideration/ Disregard for others

Favorite Song? Tash -Oddity

Proudest Moment?  Every time I take back control of my situation.

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Prelims at Auditions! The talent, energy and support was unmatched!

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  July 31st

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Tooele, UT

Favorite Color?  Turquoise

Favorite Food?  Pasta

Dance/Cheer Experience?  I started dance at the age of 2. I have done every style of dance and competed in gymnastics and cheer. Once I got into HS, I did drill and was Captain my senior year. I moved to NC and made Hunnies in 2020!

Favorite Quote?  Don't let your past determine your future.

Nickname? Mak

Pet Peeve?  Loud chewing

Favorite Song?  Cover Me Up - Morgan Wallen

Proudest Moment?  Getting picked to be sent to California for Gymnastics for the Jr Olympics.

Favorite Hunnies Memory?  

Becoming a Captain my Rookie Year!

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  October 24th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Ringgold, GA

Favorite Color?  Purple

Favorite Food?  Pizza

Dance/Cheer Experience?  Dance since 3! Dance teams Elementary-High School and All Star teams. I was a Captain my Junior and Senior year. I danced and choreographed in college for my sorority AOII during Greek Week. I danced professionally for Atlanta Dream (WNBA) and was Rookie of the year and Teammate of the year!

Favorite Quote?  Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it _Maya Angelou

Nickname?  None

Pet Peeve? Reindeer antlers on cars

Favorite Song? Cruel Summer Taylor Swft

Proudest Moment?  Moving from GA to NC on my own!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Making the team for my Rookie year!




Birthday? March 28th 

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown? Greensboro, NC 

Favorite Color? Teal/Turquoise 

Favorite Food? Everything! 

Dance/Cheer Experience? 20+ years of dance/cheer.

Favorite Quote? Be Present, not PERFECT!

Nickname? Tinee Baby

Pet Peeve? Cold/not fresh food

Favorite Song? Mood 4 Eva Beyonce

Proudest Moment? Graduating college and being on my own!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Waiting to see my headshot posted as an invite to boot camp!

typorama 4.PNG

Sarah J.


Birthday?  July 8th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown?  Danville, VA

Favorite Color?  Black

Favorite Food?  Double bacon cheeseburgers

Dance/Cheer Experience? Dance since 13! I danced collegiate and have my Bachelor's of Science in Dance Education. I currently teach all styles of dance (fave is ballet and hip hop). 

Favorite Quote?  I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Nickname?  The Goddess

Pet Peeve? Smart people who act stupid.

Favorite Song? Church

Proudest Moment?  I have a lot, but making the Hunnies this year!

Favorite Hunnies Memory? The calendar shoot! We had the most beautiful location!

typorama 13.PNG

Sarah M.


Birthday? October 1st

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader?  1

Hometown? Nine Mile Falls, WA 

Favorite Color?  Yellow

Favorite Food?  Pepperoni Pizza

Dance/Cheer Experience?  High Schhol Cheer & Gymnastics. College and Semi-Pro Cheer for Spokane Wolfpack!

Favorite Quote?  So do not fear for I am with you Isaiah 41:10

Nickname?  Sare Bear

Pet Peeve? No Manners 

Favorite Song? Any Music!

Proudest Moment? Commissioning into the Army as a nurse.

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Auditions! Every single girl auditioning was so kind and the Audition didn't feel intimidating. We cheered each other on and it was awesome to see!

typorama 12.PNG



Birthday?  December 28th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Winston Salem, NC

Favorite Color?  Green

Favorite Food? French Fries

Dance/Cheer Experience?  Cheering since 13! Grade School, High School, and Collegiate!

Favorite Quote?  “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.” - Oprah Winfrey

Nickname?  Shan

Pet Peeve?  Texting and driving

Favorite Song?  I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston

Proudest Moment?  Being recognized as an outstanding volunteer by the American Cancer Society.

Favorite Hunnies Memory? Contract Signing Day! I met my teammates and received my uniforms, it was a joyous day!

typorama 6.PNG
Gown Shoot with Tony Jones



Birthday?  September 11th

Years as a Hunnies Cheerleader? 2

Hometown?  Kernersville, NC

Favorite Color?  Cheetah

Favorite Food?  Chicken Nuggets

Dance/Cheer Experience?  25th year dancing. Starting at the age of 3, I grew up dancing & competing at Extravadance & Tumble in Kernersville. I danced on my HS team at East Forsyth for 4 years & became the captain my senior year, where we brought home 1st at Nationals. I attended UNCC & was a Goldduster & completed a minor in dance. I continue to choreograph & teach master classes. I am currently on my 5th season with the Cobras & 2nd year as a Hunnie!

Favorite Quote?  "Don't let fear of striking out hold you back." -Babe Ruth

Pet Peeve?  Loud Chewing

Favorite Song? I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

Proudest Moment?  Graduating College

Favorite Hunnies Memory? 

Home opener last season! Seeing the girls anxious, but with a smile to take the field and after saying "wow, that was awesome."

Gown Shoot with Tony Jones